Why Unfinished Furniture?

Why Buy Solid Wood Unfinished Furniture, Home Accessories, and Crafts From Mill Stores?

  • See what you're buying and be an educated consumer.

  • Experience the self-fulfilling joy of finishing it yourself.

  • Let us finish it for you with over 32 paints, 12 stains plus finish style options to match your style and decorative taste.

There's no way to hide inferior woods with unfinished furniture. Many finished furniture manufacturers use inferior grade woods in their furniture because they can hide the lesser grade woods under heavy stains and paints. With finished furniture, you never know what you are getting or what you are paying top dollar for.

Unfinished furniture manufacturers use only the highest grades of lumber to construct their furniture because they know they can not "hide" defects with heavy stains or paints. When it comes to unfinished furniture, "seeing is believing."

Woods come in various grains, hardnesses, and colors. They can be quality crafted, cut, sanded, and shaped into almost any design or style; and therefore, unfinished solid wood furniture can be purchased to coordinate with any style you presently own or desire.

Solid wood furniture is shock resistant, very durable, and designed to be passed down for generations. Solid wood furniture is easily touched up when nicked or scratched.

Unfinished furniture is only a term meaning "Ready to Finish." It's altogether quality crafted, fully assembled, finish-sanded, and just awaiting your "finishing touch." A myriad of colored stains, paints, and protective coatings are readily available to meet your personal style and decor.

Finishing unfinished furniture yourself is easier than you think and offers a great sense of accomplishment in the process. You can easily finish your furniture traditionally, country, contemporary, or avant-garde with little or no prior finishing experience. Mill Stores offers all the necessary finishing products along with free, friendly advice to get results equal to the pros.

Don't be fooled by the low price and assume low quality! Mill Stores has enormous buying power and very strict quality requirements. We offer only the highest quality solid wood furnishings, home accessories, and craft items that your money can buy. We buy it or manufacture it for less so you pay less; we guarantee it!